Innovative solutions for Best Customers

Think of Velvet Rope Marketing as Loyalty 3.0

Except you choose who's part of the programme.

To create a specialised and unique experience for Best Customers, provide services with:




Here are some ideas


Design special offers for Best Customers, thus saving on costs instead of a wide blanket approach


Create special touch points, set up events with big names in the financial industry (access), offer personalised service, set up dedicated teams, and give custom offers.

Multiplex & Media

Set aside tickets for big upcoming releases for Best Customers. In case of any recurring F&B purchases, offer a one-click easy buy service.


Give early access or previews of upcoming music, TV shows or movies. Create package offers for families of Best Customers


With data on items that the Best Customer searched but weren't available at the time, retail store can give the first chance to buy that item or similar items when in stock; give offers for items similar to customer's previous purchases


Created targeted communications to improve research and information that can enable customers to play better. Give personalised offers based on customers' tastes and likes.

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