Velvet Rope Marketing

Focus on the Best Customers. Offer a differentiated experience.

Generate more revenues & profits.


Your Best Customers


Make them stay longer


The rest


More such customers

Velvet Rope Marketing treats the Best Customers like Royalty to deliver:


No friction

Envy of the rest




More revenue. Greater profits.

That's why you need Velvet Rope Marketing.

Every industry / product / service has an ideal set of customers, who are key for maximising profits.


These are the Best Customers.


The challenge is to identify, retain and acquire these Best Customers. They are core to maximising present and future profits in the industry.


Velvet Rope Marketing is the key to creating a “profits monopoly”

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Drive your profit growth!

Here's an example of how Velvet Rope Marketing can help.

Do what the others aren't!

This is why no one else is doing Velvet Rope Marketing:

Limited data


Data not analysed

No internal skillset

Incorrect calculation

No tech platform

Adtech-Martech silo

Cross-platform integration

Cannot measure ROI

Build a profits flywheel

Collect all data & store in a CDP

Use transaction data to calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Use other data to calculate Best Customer Genome

Know in real-time when your best customers engage

Get early signals when your best customers don't engage

Retain and develop your best customers

Nudge some of the other customers to become the best customers too

Acquire the next Best customers using Adtech-Martech bridge

Get your best customers to refer others like them

Measure impact by tracking Net Predicted Revenue over time

Powering your red carpet

Here are three data points you need:

Customer lifetime value

A forward-looking, predictive measurement calculated by using different models.

Best customer genome

Know what makes the customer the best and use AI/ML to keep learning new behaviours.

Net predicted revenue

Your predicted aggregate revenue, with additional factors of churn and acquisition

Using Smartech to drive VRM

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